PCB Artwork & Simulation

PCB Design

Simulation-based technology and organizing ability for design optimization of high frequency PCB
  • Simulation-based technology and data base for ultra-high speed signal PCB design for several ten’s GHz
  • Organizing capability by four PCB engineers with extensive experience (more than 15 to 20 years’ experience)
  • Completed verification of PCI Express Gen III (8Gbps)
  • Extensive experience in the design of Hi-Fix Board, Probe Card, etc.
  • Manufacture and supply various types of Test Evaluation Standards
  • Provide SI, PI, and System Analyze Data
  • Etc. (Test Debugging, Tool Solutions)

Circuit Development

Technical skills for the development of test equipment circuit for circuit design technology
  • Test application field technical skills based on design and localization of circuit for LSI tester
  • Provide consulting services on DUT test algorithm and system
  • Provide LSI Test Applications
  • Provide Memory Test Applications
  • Develop DUT Channel Control H/W
  • Develop Signal Generation H/W
  • Etc. (develop Test Evaluation Circuit)

Simulation Service (analysis and interpretation)

Advanced verification and analysis of all the design technologies are available

Signal Integrity (optimization of signal characteristics)

Power Integrity (optimization of power characteristics)

System Analysis (comprehensive system analysis)

  • Provide proposals based on all sectors of signal analysis including signal integrity, power integrity, and system analysis
  • Provide measures for simulation compatibility and verification and solutions through actual object measuring technology


Power Impedance