Hi-Fix Board

Hi-Fix Board

Test equipment that acts as an interface between tester and handler
  • Hi-Fix board is used to determine the success or failure of package in semiconductor test process (test equipment that acts as an interface between tester and handler)
  • Consists of components (connector, pogo pin, and rubber block)which transfer electric signals that are approved from tester, PCB which comprises a circuit, socket which loads device, socket guide, and equipment for docking handler and tester

Hi-Fix Board Structure


Equipment with circuit to transfer signals from a tester to relevant memory

SMT-type SBC (shield Base Connector)

Non-Rivet & Non-Ion Defect

  • Resolution of problems with standard rivet method such as corroded contacts, rivet hole interference, and problems regarding signal transfer characteristics
  • Improved standard rivet method; components can be attached inside the connector housing if needed and 512 Para can be expanded

Expected effects

  • A patent for connector can be acquired and disputes over the patent can be resolved
  • Price can be reduced by more than 10% compared to competitors and price competitiveness can be improved through PCB design and by supplying own connector
  • Signal transmission properties can be improved by using SMT
  • Rivet-related works are unnecessary (time and additional cost can be saved)
  • Components can be attached between connector pins (properties of PI can be improved)
  • 512Para can be expanded as there is no rivet hole

Hi-Fix Board (Available List)

Agenda Description Tester Model
Tester models for which Hi-Fix Board is available ADVANTEST T53XX Series
T5581, T5585
Nextest Magnum I
Magnum II, II X
Hitachi HA6500
Yokogawa AL60(82, 90, 95)
Agilent HSM(3600, 6400)

BOST Solution
Speed Up Up to 1.6Gbps
DUT Parallel Up to 512para
Current Boosting Available by Discuss
Cooling Control Available by Water Or Air and others
BOST Available Model
T55XX Series
Nextest Magnum I
Magnum II, X
Head Type : PV, SV, SSV, GV
Yokogawa AL60(82, 90, 95)