CEO Message

Company Introduction

SEMICONTEST is a company that develops solutions for final outgoing inspection and processes classifying performance and properties in semiconductor manufacturing process.

SEMICONTEST transmits signals of inspection in the components of inspection process and supplies power to the semiconductor to be inspected in order to make environment for semiconductor inspection.

SEMICONTEST has developed and built technologies so far, and it will demonstrate to customers experiencing technical problems the reality of our excellent technical skills.

Company Introduction

SEMICONTEST develops and supplies all necessary components for the semiconductor inspection process based on its PCB design technology, which is optimized for high-speed signal processing.

SEMICONTEST has designed equipment-making components and built precision processing facilities, not just PCB design. SEMICONTEST is fully prepared to develop and supply all the components for the semiconductor inspection process.

In particular, SEMICONTEST has developed the ability to develop and supply Hi-Fix Boards, the main item of the semiconductor inspection process. Other items include test load boards and probe cards which are based on infrastructure ensuring the development of circuits and program.

SEMICONTEST has optimal non-stop processes from development to mass production of components of the semiconductor inspection process. SEMICONTEST promises that it will provide all items for the final inspection process of semiconductors to its customers who manufacture semiconductors.